Women Connected in Wisdom: Stories and Resources Rooted in the 8 Dimensions of Wellness


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By: Christine Gautreaux (Author) & Shannon Mitchell (Author), 2022, Paperback

Women Connected in Wisdom: A Book of Stories and Resources Rooted in the Eight Dimensions of Wellness is a weaving together of stories, experiences, and resources from a diverse group of women with a depth of knowledge. This volume is a celebration of our different life experiences, racial backgrounds, and generations of wisdom. What we have in common is a shared desire for an equitable and thriving community of collaboration versus competition.

This book was born out of the Women Connected in Wisdom Podcast co-hosted by Shannon Mitchell and Christine Gautreaux. It's a podcast rooted in the eight dimensions of wellness where we get together every week to talk about how to be well in business and life.

How do we take care of ourselves and our communities in the midst of this chaotic world?

This book is for people who are looking for tools and ideas imparted through inspiring, authentic stories to help maintain wellness in all eight dimensions for themselves and their communities. Women Connected in Wisdom takes concepts and personal experiences and offers techniques to put into action #wisdominaction

Written by a distinguished network of 18 experts who are intentional about maintaining wellness and thriving in their work and the world. These authors are delighted to share purposeful resources and personal stories to help others do the same.

Contributing Authors: Sacil Armstrong, Dr. Melissa Bird, Dr. Sheila K. Collins, Verna Darnel, Courtney Dorsey, Felecia Frayall, Christine Gautreaux, Chartisia Griffin, Shannon Ivey, Melody LeBaron, Shannon Mitchell, Dr. Cynthia Phelps, Tracy Reese, Carolyn Renée, SatiMa Ra, Laurel Anne Stark, JoVantreis Tolliver Russell, Shamika Wallace