Meet Our Staff

Liv (they/she)

Hello! I’m Liv. I’m an early-twenty-something queer artist, lover of coffee and plants, player of roller derby, over-thinker of thoughts, collector of eclectic treasures and creative hobbies- and more, but that can be for another day.️I have been working at Queer Haven since opening, and I genuinely love it so much. It’s such a cool and safe space, to learn, to grow, to explore and express yourself, and really just to be.If you pop by and see me organizing books or drawing behind the counter, don’t hesitate to start the most random conversation there ever was, or even share your bio with me since you just read mine.See you around!

Aspen (she/they)

Aspen.They're from Ohio, has lived in a lot of states, and traveled to most of them. They have a degree in creative writing but hasn't written anything creative since graduation... many years ago.Instead you'll probably find them reading romance webcomics or historical fantasies.They have pet rats (aka serotonin potatoes) and the rats are smarter than they are.

Russell (they/he)

I was born and raised in the Columbia area. I moved away for many years before returning in 2022. In college, I studied history and philosophy, and briefly considered joining the academic world. Life happened, and I ended up in my dream job here at Queer Haven. I read mostly historical fiction (which I also write) and fantasy, with occasional forays into romance, sci-fi, and horror.

Baker (they/she)

Hi! I'm Baker. I'm a co-owner and CEO of Queer Haven Books. Additionally, I am an Associate Professor of Sociology. I was born and raised in Lancaster, South Carolina, and I am so excited to be back in my home state to provide resources for queer people that I wish I would have had growing up. Queer Haven Books is one of many ways that I teach my own daughter about love, diversity, and equity. Queer Haven Books is a mission based, radical bookstore and we hope you will join us on our journey!