Unfuck Your Kink


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Paperback, published by Microcosm What turns you on? Maybe it's something vanilla, but chances are good that there's more to it than that. Dr. Faith G. Harper, sexologist, therapist, and author of bestselling titles like Unfuck Your Intimacy and Unfuck Your Blow Jobs, tackles the whys, whats, and how-tos of the very wide range of human erotic experience—much of which doesn't involve actual touching. She debunks myths, explains the science behind why we like what we like, and discusses how to engage safely, shamelessly, and satisfyingly in BDSM, pornography, fantasies, role-play, and fetishes both common and rare. Whatever gets you off, there's a way for you to feel good while feeling good about yourself. Leave shame behind and let the sex positivity resound!