please cut up my poems: and make some art! (for real, I'm serious!)


Estimated delivery between July 28 and July 30.

By: Marla Taviano, 2023, Paperback

Hey There, Word Artist!

Yes, you. If you love words—reading them, writing them, hanging them on your wall and looking at them, putting them together in fun ways, making collages—you’re a word artist.

Maybe you love words, but you’ve never really thought about “word art” as a thing.

Word art is a really cool way to mix artistic mediums. It’s basically language + visual images. Words + pictures.

In this book, there are all kinds of words you can cut out and add to any photo, illustration, painting—whatever—to create your own word art. And hopefully you’ll use your own words as well.

Then, if you’d like, hang it on your wall or your refrigerator or give it to a friend or share it with the world.

We could all really use more word art made with love