Gender Euphoria: Stories of Joy From Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex Writers


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Edited by: Laura Kate Dale

For many transgender and genderqueer folks, the experience of gender dysphoria can be a powerful indicator that their gender may not match the one they were assigned at birth, pushing them towards transitioning. But for others, the experience of gender euphoria that comes with recognizing your new self and your new gender presentation can be a powerful pull towards transitioning. In this anthology, meet nineteen different gender queer folk of all different backgrounds finding themselves in their new gender identities and experiencing gender euphoria. From hearing your parents use your new chosen name for the first time to embracing a new look and going out proudly as yourself, gender euphoria can come from any experience that affirms someone's new gender identity. A powerful book that can remind folks of the joys of transitioning, even as they grapple with the challenges and hardships that accompany many on their gender journeys as well.  (Short Discount)