The Balance of Fates (Fate and Legacy)


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By: Raquel Raelynn (Author), 2024, Paperback

Book 1 of 2: Fate and Legacy


When her grandmother falls ill, Lucia Dol'Auclair has to leave her sheltered life and travel to Eirini Academy of Mystics to compete in the Triune.

In three events, she will compete against vampires and werewolves to take her grandmother's place as the guardian vessel of a destructive celestial of magic and prove her worth as heir to her royal coven.

But, her heart is pulled in two directions when she falls for her rival, Adelaide, a troublesome vampire who doesn't play by the rules.

Lucia is forced to choose between the traditions that hold her coven together and the passion that could tear apart her world.

Dangerous competition.

Deadly secrets.

A feud between mystics.

Lucia never believed in love. She never had a good example of it, nor did she think it was meant for her.

Until Adelaide.

Lucia must question everything she was taught, or she might lose the one she loves.

Will she mend the centuries-old rivalry or turn her back on love for family?

This book picks up speed and doesn't let go.

It's a new-adult sapphic fantasy novel with a swoon-worthy slow-burn romance. Full of banter and a heart-warming show of first love, "The Balance of Fates" has fun fantasy creatures, vast world-building, and a rivals-to-lovers dynamic that will leave you wanting more.

One-bed, helping with nightmares, forbidden love, and a vampire/witch romance...