Rotting in Vain (Taunting Death Series)


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By: Lady Kilroy (Author), 2024, Paperback

"I am not the damsel. I am the weapon their parents warned them not to touch."

Legends say the fae only exist because our gods are dead. That we were originally the vermin that feasted on their flesh.
As future Queen of the Dhadren Fae, I can tell you I've never wielded the power of a god.
I feel nothing in this land of death and decay.
An ancient malevolence has taken my home hostage with the curse of a blight, and for twenty years I have been rotting in this cage, stalked by a beast and hunted by shadows that lure me into the night. And even though my mind is screaming for me to follow them, to let them catch me… I need to survive this world. I need to become the liberator my people need. Because if I don't, I’ll become the crown to a kingdom of dust and famine.