Partitioned: Book 2 of 3: The Draonir Saga


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By: Sirius (Author), 2020, Paperback

"You will kiss his ring even as he swallows you."

What was once Shrukian's promised birthright is now an uncertain future. In the wake of his brother's threats, he has been forced to flee the capital city and abandon his father's crown. Allies may be hiding in the most unlikely of places, but the price for war is high, and war is what it will take to pry the crown from his brother's claws.

After Shrukian fled, Pharun thought his path to the throne had been cleared. Yet now he is faced with the remnants of the King's Council, men who served under his father and who are willing to stand in his way to preserve the integrity of the throne. The power he wields as the anointed Crowned Priest is not enough. Every painted fan and closed door conceals whispers of intrigue. Before there can be a coronation, heads will have to roll. The greatest uncertainty lies in which one.

Sides are being taken as the crown is passed from hand to hand. In a kingdom rife with subterfuge, even the most loyal hearts and minds will be partitioned.

The Draonir Saga continues with BOOK TWO.