Loud Secrets: A Memoir


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By: Jackie Pelletier, 2021, Paperback

"Loud Secrets" is a gripping autobiography about trauma, struggle, and growth as it shares the life story of a girl who was born as Betty Ann but grew up to become Jacqueline Marie. This book recounts the secrets and struggles that arose through early childhood molestation, adoption, and having an alcoholic father. The book also shares the author's experience being catholic and a gay public-school teacher and administrator in a school system set in a narrow-minded, rural town in Maine. This unforgettable story is told with the rawness and candor that can only come from someone who spent a lifetime learning that she had done nothing wrong.

Although this story is filled with trauma and struggle, it serves to remind others in similar situations that they are not alone. Those who have lived through sexual abuse, adoption, alcoholic parent(s), and sexual identity issues, will be able to connect with the author's experience and hopefully be inspired to accept and love themselves. Regardless of who you are, this is a must-read autobiography filled with vulnerability and honesty.