Letters I'll Never Send


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By: Nicole Zelniker (Author), 2021, Paperback

"A beautiful and heartfelt novel about love and loss.

This book breathes with life."

- Jamieson Wolf, best-selling author of Little Yellow Magnet

After spending eight months in the psych hospital for attempted suicide, Sadie still isn't sure if she's ready to confront her demons, specifically the death of her infant son.

Much has changed in the last eight months. Sadie's close friend Kim has been diagnosed with leukemia for a third time and is undergoing chemotherapy. She is speaking with her mother again after two years. Her daughter has started kindergarten, and isn't entirely sure how to react to Sadie coming home. On top of mourning, Sadie has to find the strength to deal with the ups and downs of her regular life, aided in part by her wife, friends, and therapist.