Black Lives and Bathrooms Racial and Gendered Reactions to Minority Rights Movements


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By:  J.E. Sumerau and Eric Anthony Grollman, Paperback, 2020

Black Lives and Bathrooms: Racial and Gendered Reactions to Minority Rights Movements examines how people respond to minority movements in ways that maintain existing patterns of racial and gender inequality. By studying the Black Lives Matter and Transgender Bathroom Access movement efforts, J.E. Sumerau and Eric Anthony Grollman analyze how cisgender white people define minority movements in relation to their existing notions of United States social norms; react to minority movements utilizing racial, classed, gendered, and sexual stereotypes that reinforce racism, sexism, and cissexism in society; and propose ways that racial and gender minorities could gain conditional acceptance by behaving in ways cisgender white people find more comfortable and normal. Throughout this work, Sumerau and Grollman note how assumptions about whiteness and cisnormativity are spread as cisgender white people respond to racial and gender movements seeking social change.