A Legacy of Stars (Fate and Legacy Book 2)


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By: Raquel Raelynn (Author), 2024, Paperback

*This is the second edition of A Legacy of Stars containing an alternate cover, a glossary, and new chapter headings*

You can't escape family ties.

Amid her lover facing trial for an assault on her fiancé and with an impending arranged marriage to the son of an influential coven leader, Lucia prepares to merge with the destructive celestial power of the Orbis Libra.

She navigates a delicate balance—saving Adelaide and restoring harmony among Mystics.

However, when hunters launch an unexpected attack and betrayals unravel, Lucia's plans crumble. Forced into hiding, she embarks on a journey of survival, compelled to shield her loved ones and shoulder the weight of a world in turmoil.

In her quest, Lucia must secure the support of vampires, battle against mounting challenges, and grow her magic to tip the scales in her favor.

In a race against the clock, Lucia must become stronger.

Find a cure for the vampires.

And protect everyone she loves.

Can she do it, or will she lose it all?

Friends. Family. The woman she loves... It's all riding on one witch.

And Lucia will burn the world for the people she loves.

Book 2 in the Fate and Legacy series. This new-adult sapphic fantasy novel "A Legacy of Stars" is grittier, more sensual, and even more heart-wrenching. It will have you on the edge of your seat.

Talking dragons, betrayals, loss, and fighting to the very end...