The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids


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By: Maya Gonzalez (Author), 2023, Paperback

Take a journey with 11 kids as they revel in the wonder and awe of nature's infinity seen in plants, animals, sea creatures, the night sky...only to be confronted by the two very small gender boxes that all of nature must squeeze into...

The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids is not your average book about gender! It's a kid's guide to BEING your fullest self using the stunning and infinite reflection of nature. Instead of defining in relation to assignments at birth, this book provides kids with an understanding of self in relation to the infinite flow of nature. When we have a felt sense of our inherent belonging to a greater story of diversity, we are better equipped to understand and see through the "the boxes" that limit all of us from being our true selves.

Engaging back material provides facts about body and gender diversity in nature and a holistic approach to gender that deepens the story and experience with each reading.This shift in focus toward nature first literally provides the largest foundation of support possible.