Neurodivergent Pride #9: Comorbidities (Zine)


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For neurodiverse folks, it's a rare thing to have only one diagnosis (or misdiagnosis) at a time—and if we do, it means our doctors are probably missing something. We have a lot of layers, and so many conditions and hurts go hand-in-hand, compounding and leading to each other. Our brain wiring doesn't exist in a vacuum. As Eliot Daughtry writes in his excellently clarifying contribution, "Basic research into statistics on how often the autistic population is affected by conditions like anxiety, sensory processing issues, and learning differences, started to yield some surprising numbers." He includes illustrated charts of common groupings, aka "comorbidities"—including conditions that can be categorized as neurological, psychological, physiological, learning differences, genetics. Also in this issue, Joe Biel talks about getting neurofeedback and navigating the healthcare system, as well as strangers assuming he is homeless.