Confessions of a Teenage Drag King (Lorimer Real Love)


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By: Markus Harwood-Jones (Author), 2021, Paperback

Full of colourful, authentic characters and set in Toronto, Confessions of a Teenage Drag Kinghighlights diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, and identity. Seventeen-year-old Lauren tries to navigate the tricky waters of teen romance that brings high school to the drag show and back, all while Lauren must keep up their two personas — Ren, a drag king, and Lauri, a typical student — and come to terms with their feelings both for mixed-race student Clover and for their own identity as an LGBTQ+ teen. Confessions of a Teenage Drag King is a realistic but light-hearted exploration of gender and identity, making it a fun and topical read for today's teen readers.