Sexing Yourself: Masturbation For Your Own Pleasure (Zine)


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Zine / pamphlet. Published by Microcosm! Microcosm publishing bestseller dr. Faith takes on the fabulous topic of... Masturbation! In her usual style of combining hilariousness with science, she breaks down the history of societal shame around self-pleasure, and offers practical and straightforward whys and hows of exploring your sexuality on your own time. From the benefits of learning all the ins and outs of your own sexual response to a candid guide to shopping for and using sex toys, she addresses the needs of CIS and trans folks, busts some myths, and gives some guidelines for talking to your kids about masturbation. She even includes book recommendations! There's a lot to this little zine, whether you're an experienced masturbator or a recent escapee from a fundamentalist cult.