Queer Book Club

For Fall 2023, Queer Haven Books’ Queer Book Club will meet once a month on Tuesdays in August, September, and October. We will meet at All Good Books in Columbia, SC from 5:30pm-7pm. 

Here is the schedule of dates and books:

August 22nd

A favorite and rare lesbian classic! Rubyfruit Jungle turns 50 this year. I can’t think of any other book I’d rather launch Queer Haven Books’ inaugural Queer Book Club with. This coming-of-age novel was one of the first pieces of queer literature I ever read.

In Rubyfruit Jungle, Rita Mae Brown tells the story of Molly Bolt, the adoptive daughter of a dirt-poor Southern couple who boldly forges her own path in America. With her startling beauty and crackling wit, Molly finds that women are drawn to her wherever she goes—and she refuses to apologize for loving them back. This literary milestone continues to resonate with its message about being true to yourself and, against the odds, living happily ever after.

September 19th

I love this book! Written by Jordy Rosenberg a trans writer and   scholar, you will not be able to put it down. This is queer writing and storytelling at its best! I can’t wait to discuss it with y’all! 

Jack Sheppard and Bess were the most notorious thieves, jailbreakers, and lovers of eighteenth-century London. Yet no one knows the true story; their confessions have never been found.

Until now. Reeling from heartbreak, a scholar named Dr. Voth discovers a long-lost manuscript—a gender-defying exposé of Jack and Bess’s adventures. Is Confessions of the Fox an authentic autobiography or a hoax? As Dr. Voth is drawn deeper into Jack and Bess’s tale of underworld resistance and gender transformation, it becomes clear that their fates are intertwined—and only a miracle will save them all.

October 17th

“Dark and disturbing horror stories” for October! Yes, please! Horror is not my genre, so I’m excited to read this with y’all and hear everyone’s take on it! 

A whirlpool of darkness churns at the heart of a macabre ballet between two lonely young women in an internet chat room in the early 2000s—a darkness that threatens to forever transform them once they finally succumb to their most horrific desires. 

A couple isolate themselves on a remote island to recover from their teenage son’s death, when a mysterious young man knocks on their door during a storm…

And a man confronts his neighbor when he discovers a strange object in his back yard, only to be drawn into an ever-more dangerous game.

Three devastating, beautifully written horror stories from one of the genre’s most cutting-edge voices.

Purchase your books today and RSVP to queerhavenbooks@gmail.com (email title Fall 2023 Queer Book Club RSVP).  Also be on the look-out for a facebook event soon where you can also RSVP. If you forget to RSVP, please still come, we just want to get an idea of how many people to expect each month.