How Many Grown-Ups Do You Have?: A book about unconventional families


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By: Polina Buchan (Author & Illustrator), 2023, Paperback

How many grown-ups does it take to make a family? Maybe your family is "unconventional", but I bet it is not that uncommon!

This book is for children of unconventional/non-traditional families and for anyone who wants to introduce a child to the idea that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Lovingly hand-illustrated, the book features a diversity of family configurations, including:

  • queer families,
  • multi-generational families,
  • polyamorous families,
  • single-parent families,
  • co-parenting families,
  • an adoptive family,
  • a step-family,
  • a foster family.

Each spread of the book describes a child's family in simple language, while making it clear that no family is "unusual".

The book also contains a brief simple-language "Family Vocabulary" as a conversation-starter about family diversity.

"How Many Grown-ups Do You Have?" is suitable for even the youngest of readers (ages 0-6 years), as you can explore the pages in any order and even just a few at a time.

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