Finding Normal: Sex, Love, and Taboo in Our Hyperconnected World


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By Alexa Tsoulis-Reay, 2022 Hardcover

Finding Normal explores how people are using the internet to find community, forge connections, and create identity in ways that challenge a variety of sexual norms. Based on a highly candid interview series conducted for New York magazine's human science column--What It's Like--each story in Finding Normal intimately immerses the reader in the world of a person who is grappling with a unique set of circumstances relating to sexuality.

Finding Normal at once celebrates the power of our evolving media landscape for helping people rewrite the script for their lives and offers a wanring about the danger of that seemingly limitless freedom. Tsoulis-Reay shows the enduring power of the search for belonging--for humans and society. Like happiness of life purpose, finding normal is perhaps the definitive human struggle.